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1313 A3

Dimensions and weights
Internal size (LxWxH)255x125x35 cm
Total size (LxWxH)396x170x89 cm
Loading height53 cm
Total weight1,350 kg down to 800 kg
Payload1,130 kg down to 580 kg
Wheel2 PCs, 13 ″
Axles Paragraph, with brake
Sides – materialAluminium
BottomPhenolic plywood 15 mm
Standard Equipment
Jockey wheel with clamping bracketYes
13 or 7 Pin PlugYes
Tarpaulin Knobs20 PCs.
Interior lashing Hooks6 pcs.
Opening/detachable sidesYes, the Backstone
Optional equipment (price incl. GST)
Flat TarpaulinYes
Extra Alusides- vented 35 cmYes
High pressure framing inside. 105 cmYes
Grid, 60 cmYes
sheet and aluminium edge, 10 cmYes
Hardtop, 100 cmYes
Aluminum BottomNo
LED road lights incl. Control boxNo
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