These tipper trailers feature leaf springs, dual chassis, powerful brakes, double hinged flap, hydraulic tip, and built-in battery charger.

We have 3-way tippers and 1-way tipper trailers available. You can also control the tipping functionality with a mobile phone app!

Manufactured by Variant, you will not see greater strength or quality in tipper trailers anywhere else. With the single tipper or the awesome triple side tipper – they are the best.
1 Way Electric Hydraulic Tippers
Made in an extra hard-wearing design with fully welded and galvanized chassis and chisels. Electric hydraulic pump, manual emergency pump, built-in battery and remote control are standard. Built-in rear lock and powerful contractor jockey wheel.
3 Way Electric Hydraulic Tippers
The new tip trailer is equipped with powerful buoyancy eyes, built-in drive rails, and a wide tip angle for all sides.
Electric hydraulic pump, manual emergency pump, built-in battery and charger are standard.
Machine Tippers
1-way electric hydraulic tippers with sturdy step sides and aluminium mud guards with tread. Similar to the Machine and Beavertail transporters.
Tilting Trailers
We also have a range of trailers without the electric hydraulic option, we call these “Tilt Tip”. They often have a lower tip angle. Most of them use a hand pump hydraulic system to tilt the bed. Such as the Uni Trailers, Car Transporters & Machine Transporters.