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Here you will find a range of additional extra accessories and spare parts for your trailer.

We have equipment for all new models, and for most older models.

You can order all equipment from your local Variant dealer.


Commercial Trailers Accessories

House Trailers Accessories

Ocean Boat Trailers Accessories

Super Roller Boat Trailer Accessories

Universal Accessories For Boat Trailers



Variant standards –
  • Our trailer chassis frames are hot dipped galvanised and with high demands on quality, safety and reliability – that’s why we develop the very strongest and sturdiest trailers you will find from Europe in Australia.
  • New E4 rated Tubeless radials on all wheels.
  • Using either Knott rubber torsion suspension system or axle leaf spring systems for greater road stability.
  • With safety white reflectors to the front, amber reflectors to the side and red to the rear as standard.
  • Bright white safety reversal light.
  • Whether its 2000kg, 2700kg or 3500kg Knott couplings, all have a lockable position for greater security.
  • Our Knott braking system is of the best mechanical overrun type – the hydraulically dampened overrun control device includes drum braking to all wheels, a dedicated handbrake and auto reverse mechanism.
  • TUV load securing system with lashing brackets integrated into the side edges.
  • Removable corner posts on most trailers.
  • Unique easy slide attachment panel hinges.
  • Heavy duty profiled lightweight aluminum front, rear and side panels with integrated fasteners.
  • When choosing your trailer, you will see that our tare weights are lower, meaning greater payloads and overall greatly reduced fuel consumption when compared to similar ATM trailers.
  • Our trailers are designed to get the job done safely and easier in the right situation.
  • We deliver to businesses, government and private individuals, who want to work with the strongest trailers.
  • Extra weather treatments can be added to your trailer to increase protection against atmosphere, salting and increase weather protection.