Complete wheels

A wide selection of wheels for your trailer or caravan. Can be used on Variant Trailers, iForWilliams trailers, Brian James trailers, and other European trailers.

All Variant trailers use new tubeless radials. A radial tyre features transverse radial plies, that run perpendicular to the direction of travel, this assures less heat buildup and a softer ride.

Variant tyres are rated C for fuel efficiency, driving in wet conditions and ‘medium’ for sound rating.

Rolling Resistance A to G is a measurement of fuel efficiency for the vehicles. The energy lost when the tyre is rolling on the road surface, the lower the resistance the greater the fuel reduction and CO2 levels. A is the best performing tyre and G being the lowest.

Wet Grip A to G provides a sliding scale with information regarding the grip ability of a tyre in wet conditions. Higher performance tyres in this category would have shorter braking distance as opposed to lower performing ratings. A indicates the highest performance and G the lowest.

Noise 67 to 79 Db measures the amount of noise the tyre generates. Usually on the tyre label itself one black wave indicates the least amount of noise generated from the tyre. Three waves mean the highest amount of noise. This is measured in decibels. The higher the Db the greater the noise level.

CodeTire size, index, rimMaterial
80023145 B10, 74N, 4/60/100 / ET0Steel
80026145 / 70R 13, 74N, 4/57/100 / ET30Steel
80027155 R13, 84N, 4/57/100 / ET30Steel
801545.00-10, 72N, 4/60/100 / ET0Steel
80031185 R14 C, 104N, 5/67/112 / ET30Steel
80104165 R13 C, 96N, 5/67/112 / ET30Steel
80158185/70 R13, 106N, 5/67/112 / ET30Steel
80024195 / 55N R10 C, 98N, 5/67/112 / ET-4Steel
80085195/60 R12 C, 104N, 5/67/112 / ET30Steel
80028195/50 R13 C, 104N, 5/67/112 / ET30Steel
80150195/55 R10 C, 98N, 5/67/112 / ET-4Aluminum
80152195/50 R13 C, 104N, 5/67/112 / ET30Aluminum
80088400 x 800 Flex Lite, Ø20 x 95 mmPlastic