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Rampless Tilt Car Trailers

The A Series Car trailers are rampless and have tilt to aid with loading of low vehicles like race cars, dragsters and rally cars. The range is the perfect choice for towing cars of all sizes, makes and models. Great for car enthusiast taking sports cars to the race track, project car owners for taking their prized restorations to shows or a tow company needing to pick up damaged vehicles.

Fully Hot-Dipped Galvanised car transporter trailers. High-strength steel profiles with a perforated floor offering endless tie down opportunity that ensures a lightweight yet strong construction with optimal grip for your precious vehicle.
KNOTT rubber torsion suspension for optimal ride quality. Load width 200 cm. Total weight 2000-3500 kg. Can be supplied with a fully steel floor, stop blocks, toolbox, shock absorbers and more as optional equipment.

A Series rampless tilting car trailers are the ultimate car trailer for the weekend racer and car enthusiast who needs an easy to use trailer with flexibility for all types of cars.

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