MAXI-LOAD Trailers

Not just a flatbed trailer...

What is MAXI-LOAD?

The Variant MAXI-LOAD range is made up of heavy-duty trailers up to 3500kg developed in close collaboration with the professionals that use them on a daily basis.

MAXI-LOAD trailers are built to be used to their maximum capacity, everyday. These trailers are designed for the power users who need the most out of their trailer to get the job done.

The MAXI-LOAD range has been designed and tested with the people that use them to ensure that they will withstand the tough environments they are used,

MAXI-LOAD Features

Each MAXI-LOAD trailer comes with fully hot-dip galvanised steel chassis, parabolic leaf springs, and a heavy-duty cast KNOTT 50mm ball coupling. These features make the MAXI-LOAD range the perfect trailer for hauling commercial machinery, dumping heavy construction loads and transporting large goods whilst giving the best in corrosion protection and longevity.

Parabolic Leaf Springs

Parabolic leaf springs are perfect for heavy loads and make for a smooth and balanced towing experience.

KNOTT Cast Coupling

Heavy-duty 50mm KNOTT Cast coupling. Each coupling has a wear indicator and connection safety indicator to show if the coupling is secured correctly.

Galvanised Chassis

Each MAXI-LOAD trailer has a fully hot-dipped galvanised chassis that is galvanised after the machining has taken place allowing for optimum protection even when adding bolt on accessories.

LED Lights

All trailers in the MAXI-LOAD range have high performance LED lights as standard. LED Lights are brighter and more visible than standard halogen globes.