Car Trailers

High-strength auto transport trailers for sale, perforated floor for car tie downs. Lightweight strong construction, low ramp angle.

Our range of car trailers consist of the A Series which are rampless tilting car trailer suitable for lower cars such as race cars, dragsters and rally cars. The tilting function removes the breakover angle often incured with traditional heavy duty flatbed car trailers. The L Series is a flatbed car trailer with ramps and a winch to assist with loading of larger and longer vehicles.

Variant car trailers are heavy duty and made for the transportation of cars & other automotive machinery.

These trailers are the best in strength, low weights, safety and longevity through galvanising. Our car trailers are designed to withstand the loading and heavy abuse from constant loading and unloading of cars and machines.

Explore the range of Variant Car Trailers:
A Series Rampless Car Trailers
Fully hot-dipped galvanised car trailer with tilting loadbed and rampless design.
The A Series car trailers feature a perforated floor to offer endless tie-down points and optimal grip for your precious vehicle. Options include a full floor, wheel tie-down straps, wheel stop blocks, toolbox, shock absorbers and more.

L Series Flatbed Car Trailers
Convenient and useful for a wide range of purposes. Fully equipped with aluminium floor, 250cm 4000kg rated ramps, hand winch, and a heavy duty jockey wheel. Total weight up to 3500 kg. Lower your load height by option for the 10″ low profile wheels or 13″ compact wheels. Loading Dimensions 420 × 204 cm and 517 × 219 cm. Aluminium wheel stops and wheel straps can be retrofitted to secure vehicles for transport.

A-Series Rampless Car Trailers

Tilting Car Trailer for Race Cars, Supercars, and SUVs

L-Series Flatbed Car Trailers

Flatbed Trailer Car Trailer with Ramps and Winch

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