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1-Way Tipper Trailers

Variant hydraulic tippers, heavy duty hydraulic tipping solution for use in civil, construction, commercial, agricultural and farming industries. Compliance 3.5T

Rear-Tip Trailers with parabolic leaf spring suspension
Variant hydraulic tippers are heavy duty hydraulic tipping trailers for use in construction, commercial, agricultural and farming industries.

These trailers are made in an extra durable design with fully welded and galvanised chassis, rated tie downs and tyres The suspension is parabolic leaf springs, sealed for life axle bearings, mechanical overrun brakes with auto reverse, emergency breakaway cable and independent handbrake. Retractable heavy duty jockey wheel. No electric brake controllers.

Hydraulic pump, manual emergency pump, built-in battery, remote control with built in charger to make your busy day easier and safer.

Electric hydraulic tipping with remote control
Built-in battery with charger
Construction jockey wheel
6 internal rated tie-down points – recessed into the floor
350mm aluminium dropsides
Removable corner posts
Galvanised steel floor

Additional equipment:
Flat tarp
Optional heavy-duty galvanised steel drop sides
Heavy duty swivel support legs at the rear
600mm removable cage side kit
Additional 350mm aluminium drop sides
Wireless operation via app on mobile phone
Wireless remote control
700mm front stand/ladder rack (H-stand) for mounting in corner posts
250cm 1000kg, 2000kg, or 4000kg aluminium ramps
Tarpaulin for 600mm cage sides