Beavertail Plant Trailers

The Beavertail trailer is a heavy duty plant trailer suitable for loading of plant equipment such as scissor lifts, excavators, rollers, mini loaders, dumpers and stump grinders. The unique beavertail section at the rear of the trailer assists with the loading of equipment with smaller ramp angles as it reduced the approach and breakover angle required by equipment.

Choose from our 2700kg or 3500kg models depending on the machine.

Beavertail Plant Trailer Features

Beavertail Plant Trailer Bucket Rest

Bucket Platform

Secure your bucket for transport

Beavertail Loading Section

Reduced ramp angle
Beavertail Machinery Trailer Wheels

Compact 12" or 13" Wheels

Lower center of gravity = Safer towing
Beavertail Plant Trailer Ramps

Adjustable Rear Ramps

Flexibility for loading
Beavertail Machinery Trailer Internal Width

1.62m or 1.80m Internal Width

Suitable for machines with dozer blades

Select Your Beavertail Trailer Size

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