Trailer Features

Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Finish

Our trailer chassis frames are hot dipped galvanised and with high demand on quality, safety and reliability – that’s why we develop the very strongest and sturdiest trailers you will find from Europe in Australia.

Our smaller trailer models are made from Galvalume, which is a steel sheet grade with a coating comprised of 55 percent aluminum and 43.4 percent zinc. In addition to the aesthetically pleasing surface it also has excellent corrosion protection, three times greater that of hot-dip galvanized sheet.

How Trailer Brakes Work?

Overrun Braking System

How do European Trailer Brakes Work?

Our Trailer Features

Overrun brake

In Europe, almost all trailers, caravans, boat trailers and horseboxes have nowadays been equipped with an overrun brake. It is a very simple and not very sophisticated braking system, but certainly effective.


The principle of an overrun brake is very simple. If the car slows down or brakes, the trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox wants to push forward. This is called overrun. In order to prevent the towed object going too fast for the car due to its mass, the overrun brake kicks in. There is a sliding piece mounted to the drawbar near the coupling. This contracts as soon as the towed object tries to overrun the car. As a result, the brake cables are pulled and the towed vehicle brakes. The result is that the trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox slows down. Increased pushing force results in increased braking force. If the car stops braking, the brakes of the object release and you continue towing. With a properly attuned overrun brake you should not notice the braking movement of the towed object during driving. However, always try to prevent sudden braking as much as possible and increase the brake pressure gradually.

Overrun Dampener

An overrun dampener (shock absorber) has been installed in order to prevent that the overrun brake immediately starts working if you release the throttle or brake slightly. There are various dampeners available, depending on the mass of your caravan. If the trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox is heavier, the dampening effect has to be bigger as well. To ensure this is working properly you should ensure the vehicle is checked by a qualified technician of the manufacturer.

Reverse Driving

If you are driving in reverse, the trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox is pushing against the car as well. In order to prevent the overrun brake from taking effect, a so-called reverse mechanism has been included in the brake drums. This system also ensures that if you pull the handbrake of the towed object, the caravan can still move up to half a meter backwards.

Descending in the mountains

An overrun brake has its limits on steep hills as well. If you are descending down a steep slope with a constant speed (by braking with the engine), the caravan will constantly push against the car and thereby activate the brakes. This could result in the caravan brakes overheating. The best thing you can do to prevent this is regular breaks to cool down the brakes.


Safely arriving at your destination is first and foremost the responsibility of the supplier of your vehicle manufacturer, bike carrier, trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox and of us, as manufacturer of your towbar and wiring kit. However, your personal responsibility lies in adjusting your driving behaviour.

Handbrake breakaway cable

Handbrake Breakaway Cable for trailers, boat trailers and caravans

Our trailer features include the handbrake breakaway cable. If your trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox comes loose from your car during driving it results in an extremely dangerous situation. In addition, every towed object has a handbrake breakaway cable.

Function of the Handbrake Breakaway Cable

This cable ensures that the handbrake of the trailer, caravan, boat trailer or horsebox is pulled as soon as the towed object separates from the car during driving. If you have securely fastened the handbrake breakaway cable to a fixed point of the car, the handbrake is pulled when tension is applied to the breakaway cable. As soon as the handbrake is engaged, the towed object will be brought to a halt.


If you have a standard towbar system, the breakaway cable can always be fastened to a specific breakaway point on the towbar. If you are buying a second-hand car, always check whether the towbar has a fastening eye. Always make sure that the cable is properly secured and that the brake system of the towed object are in working order. This should be checked by a certified technician of the manufacturer prior to using the trailer or caravan.

Lightweight Aluminium Profiled

A premium trailer feature of double walled anodised sides, aluminium profiled for sturdiness. Our trailers are built for quality, stability and ultimate comfort. Truly world class quality, Variant aluminium built trailers are perfect for transporting bulk materials, building materials and machinery. As a Danish concept, Variant sets design standards in Australian trailer engineering quality, new sizing – return on investment. The resulting longevity of quality components will continue delivering service for years to come. Flat top trailers & bases from 1.5m to 6.2m long, Plywood or steel floor widths from 1.4m to 2.5m wide. Low tare & strength – hot-dip galvanised chassis. Federally approved mechanical over-ride brakes. No requirement for electric brake controller to be fitted to the vehicle. Chosen option for companies with multiple vehicles, fleet and hire..


variant trailer tyre e4 rated

All Variant Trailers feature new E4 rated Tubeless radials. A radial Tyre features transverse radial plies, that run perpendicular to the direction of travel, this assures less heat buildup and a softer ride.

Variant tyres are rated C for fuel efficiency, driving in wet conditions and ‘ medium ‘ for sound rating.

Rolling Resistance A to G is a measurement of fuel efficiency for the vehicles. The energy lost when the tyre is rolling on the road surface, the lower the resistance the greater the fuel reduction and CO2 levels. A is the best performing tyre and G being the lowest.

Wet Grip A to G provides a sliding scale with information regarding the Grip ability of a tyre in wet conditions. Higher performance Tyres In this category would have shorter braking distance as opposed to lower performing ratings. A indicates the highest performance and G the lowest.

Noise 67 to 79 Db measures the amount of noise the bulls gene rates. Usually on the tyre label itself one black wave indicates the least amount of noise generated from the tyre. Three waves mean the highest amount of noise. This is measured in decibels. The higher the Db the greater the noise level.

Innovative Technology

Our new and continually progressing trailer features. The oil damping to the spring in the energy store allows gentle and progressive application of the handbrake once the handbrake has passed “over the centers”. No more sudden surprises or even injuries. Our Knott overrun brake systems are state of the art and commonly used throughout Europe. Our tipper trailers use a completely wireless remote controlled device for tipping, you can also easily access wireless control via an app on your mobile phone, it’s that easy.

Other Trailer Features

Extra Variant Trailer Features Include:

Safety Skid

The safety skid is an integral feature of the cast housing and dose the overrun lever and handbrake lever from damage from sleeping paete and other objects under the trailer.

Ease of Use

The Variant/Knott hitch coupling enables easy maneuvering of the trailer, by using hitch or handbrake lever, this often leads to damage or dirty hands.

Night Light

All our trailers come standard with white reverse light lenses for safe reversing and enhanced viewing through mirrors or reversing cameras. It also illuminates the area in the direction you want people to be aware of your driving.

Night Safety

Our Trailers come with safety white Karigador to the front, Amber Karigador to the side and red to the rear as standard. These are for safety at night when parked and unhitched and in order that the trailers are fully visible from all sides to oncoming vehicles.


Whether It’s a 2700kg or 3500kg rated hitch, all our hitch’s and coupling have a lockable position for greater security Whether travelling on a journey or in a parked position. All Variant Trailers have an easy to use independent handbrake system built alongside the extra strong coupling.


It is vital for you to have absolute confidence in your trailer, particularly when your operating day depends on it too. That’s why we develop the very strongest and sturdiest trailers you will find from Europe. Our tried-and-tested welding technology makes us unique in being able to supply transport solutions that have got what it takes to take on any job.

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