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Machine Trailers

Machine Transporters

All with 2 or 3 axles and tread plate mudguards as well as a stand tread plate on the sides for easy accessibility into the box. Super heavy duty durable ramps either single ramp or beavertail. Shovel shelf at front of the trailer.

Auto-transporter trailers made for the transportation of cars & other automotive machinery from A 2 B. Manufactured by Variant who are the largest trailer manufacturer in Denmark and are known for the highest quality components, design engineering, and emphasis on safety.

These trailers are the best in strength, low weights, safety and longevity through galvanization. Our flatbeds, machine and car transportation trailers are designed to withstand the loading and heavy abuse that metal to metal from loaders and mini dumpers give.

These are the best in their class for getting your assets from A to B safely and with ease.

Especially suitable for transportation of scissor lifts, road vehicles and equipment requiring low clearance.

For many machines

See our wide range of excavator trailers, roller trailers, mini excavator trailers, EWP/Scissor lift trailers, mini loader trailers, tractor trailers and more. Variant trailers are perfect for carrying machinery, excavators, tractors, ATV’s and Compact Track Loaders. Designed for safety and reliability, you can be certain our trailers will get your investment from point A to point B with ease.

Excavator trailers

Mini loader trailers

Tractor trailers

Scissor lift, spider lift & crane trailers

ATV trailer

Not sure if your crane or machinery will fit in our trailers?

No problems, we offer a free service by which we will identify the perfect trailer for your specific need. Be it a scissor lift, generator, ATV, Bobcat or Excavator, Tractor or Compact Track Loader. Simply contact us detailing what the equipment is and we’ll do the rest. As a Danish concept, Variant sets design standards in Australian trailer engineering quality, new sizing – return on investment. The resulting longevity of quality components will continue delivering service for years to come. Flat top trailers & base from 2.5m to 6.2m long, weatherproof plywood, aluminium or steel floor widths from 1.4m to 2.5m wide. Low tare & high strength – hot-dip galvanised chassis. Federally approved mechanical over-ride brakes. No requirement for electric brake controller to be fitted to the vehicle. Chosen option for companies with multiple vehicles, fleet and hire.