Flatbed Trailers

Variant Flatbed trailers for sale – pallet, material handling – heavy duty. Bulk load carrying, flatbed trailer with easy removable sides to create box trailer. Superior quality in mechanical braking up to 3500kg, auto reverse, emergency breakaway cable, heavy duty retractable jockey wheel – ADR compliant.
Our huge range of commercial grade Variant box trailers designed to make all your duties easy and time-saving. All our commercial trailers are the strongest and lightest in their class. Galvanised framing, Knott overrun braking and high strength build. Specifically manufactured for harsh everyday use years on end.

There is a large selection of additional equipment available for these trailers including ramps, tarps, spare wheels, straps and jockey wheels.
Pro-Line Flatbed Trailers

22 different trailers.
1, 2, and 3 axle trailers available.
All sides openable & removable. Turn into a flatbed without any tools.
Removable hot galvanised corner posts.
Total weights up to 3,500kg
In widths: 150cm, 180cm, 210cm and 250cm wide.
From 255cm long box, to 515cm long box available.

Universal Trailers

Combination of Box + Attached machine Ramp + Hydraulic Tipper
With hydraulic tip, non-slip ramp, bolted chassis, tie hooks, removable sides and posts.
13 “compact wheel mounted under the box.
Charging length 420 cm. to 620 cm.
Width 215 cm.
Total weight 2700 kg. (2 axles).
Total weight 3500 kg. (2 and 3 axles).