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Pro-Line Flatbed Trailers

Variant galvanised professional tabletop trailer for sale. ADR – 3.5T
Heavy duty range of 1, 2, and 3 axle galvanised flatbed trailers for professional transport.
Covers for max Loads.
A heavy duty range of 2-3 axle commercial trailers for the professional user.
Solid and heavily built trailers with mechanical overrun brakes, auto reverse, emergency breakaway cable and independent handbrake – All ADR – VSB1-V6 compliant.
Wheels under the trailer bed floor. Low bed height or easy forklift loading or the ideal manual lifting height. Tie downs built into the deck. Low centre of gravity for balanced transport solutions of large furniture or tall goods. Low nose weight – big reduction of load on tow vehicle hitch. Do you have issues with your steering when towing? Not with a pro-line.
All sides aluminium, opening & removable with – easy guide-slide hinges..
Do you use pallets? load large sheet material?
Total weight (ATM) 1350-3500 kg.
Integrated strong fittings and catches in the box. Lashing rings built into the inside frame.