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2 Year Warranty

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Choose Variant For The Job & Get World Class Quality

Brand new high quality Variant European trailers of all types & sizes. All our trailers have a hot dipped chassis for durability.
Choose from Boat Trailers, Refrigerated Trailers, Flat-top Trailers, Tilt Trailers, Tipper Trailers, Plant Trailers, Car Transporters.

Name your industry – we have a trailer for you.
With European style and strength coupled with Danish quality and design, these trailers are truly world class.

Our 2022 Trailer Catalogues are out now!

As a Danish concept, Variant sets design standards in Australian trailer engineering, new bigger -lighter sizing – great return on investment. The resulting longevity of quality components will continue delivering safety for years to come. Flat-top trailers & bases from 1.5m to 6.2m long, Plywood or steel floor, widths from 1.4m to 2.5m wide. Low tare & high strength – hot-dip galvanised chassis. RVSA Federally approved mechanical over-ride braking to 3.5t. No requirement for electric brake controller to be fitted to the vehicle. Chosen option for companies with multiple vehicles, fleet and hire.!

Why Choose Variant European Quality Trailers?

  • Our chassis frames are hot dipped galvanised for high demands on quality, safety and reliability – that’s why we develop the very strongest and sturdiest trailers you will find from Europe.
  • New dedicated over rated Tubeless radials on all wheels.
  • Using either Knott rubber torsion suspension system or parabolic leaf spring systems for greater road stability.
  • Safety white reflector to the front, amber reflector/lens to the side and red to the rear as standard.
  • Bright White safety reversing light.
  • Whether it’s 2000kg, 2700kg or 3500kg Knott couplings, all have a lockable position for greater security.
  • Our Knott braking system is of the mechanical overrun type – the hydraulically dampened overrun control device includes drum braking to all wheels, a dedicated handbrake and auto reverse mechanism.
  • TUV load securing system with lashing brackets integrated into the side edges.
  • Removable corner posts with most trailers.
  • Unique easy slide attachment panel hinges.
  • Heavy profiled aluminum front, rear and side panels with integrated fasteners.
  • When choosing your trailer, you will see that our tare weights are lower meaning greater payloads and overall reduced fuel consumption.
  • Our trailers are designed to get the job done safely and easier in the right situation.
  • Delivery to business, government and private individuals, who want to work with the strongest and safest trailer systems.
  • Extra weather treatments can be added to your trailer to increase protection against atmosphere and increase weather repellency.

Variant Trailers - Factory Tour

Trailer Features

The Story Behind Variant


The basis of what we know today as your trailer market Variant, started with a light business idea. It was founded by Niels Buhl who, on June 1, 1975, Established the brand Variant for the production of small hobbyists in a small workshop behind the private home.

In Early 1977, Brother Jens Buhl became employed, and the following year also co-owner. In the first years, the product range was focused solely on smaller hobby trailers for private use. This has today evolved to include, Commercial, Hobby trailers, Machine Trailers, Boat Trailers, Cargo Trailers, etc.
Over the years, the company has been located at several different addresses in the Vejle area. It started in Høgsholt, later moved to unloading, then to Højen and then two Vinding.

In 1996, the company moved for the last time to the current address on Godthåbsvej in Vejle. The many relocations are due to the productiveness of the plant. Today, all activities are gathered at the same address under the same brand. This simplifies and strengthens the entire organization, making the roads from decision to action very short.

Production at the factory in Vejle today consists of a lot of assembly work. There is still some internal raw material processing in the form of own welding and iron. However, increasingly specialized subcontractors are being used for the individual components. The combination of this means that during product development and production improvement, both internal and external know-how can be drawn.

The brothers Niels and Jens Buhl ran the company until January 1, 2006, when Niels Buhl chose to retire. The company is continued by Jens Buhl, and his son Andreas Buhl who joined the management. In 2012, Andreas Buhl took over the management of the company. 2018, the second factory site was built with dedicated focus on 3.5t and heavy machinery trailers.

2022 saw a third factory built due to increased sales and market presence, with greater export sales including Australia.

Today, Variant has more than 150 good dealers spread throughout the country. Variant is Denmark’s largest Danish-owned trailer manufacturer. In 2018 Variant introduced the first of their innovative designed trailers into the Australian market. Variant sets design standards in Australian trailer engineering quality, new sizing – return on investment. The resulting longevity of quality components will continue delivering service for years to come. Flat top trailers & bases from 1.5m to 6.2m long, Plywood or steel floor widths from 1.4m to 2.5m wide. Low tare & strength – hot-dip galvanised chassis. Federally approved mechanical over-ride brakes. No requirement for electric brake controller to be fitted to the vehicle. Chosen option for companies with multiple vehicles, fleet and hire.!

Want to become a Variant dealer?


Be a part of growing a nationwide network of dealers with Variant.

Variant has only just launched in Australia in March 2018. We are looking for business people across the country to distribute the Variant trailers. As a Variant dealer you will receive a Dealership Package, along with a huge range of benefits and assistance from Variant Australia to get you on your way. Contact us today to discuss.

Our Dealers

A2B Trailers is Variant's First Australian dealer!

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Location: The Yard, 2 Aston Road, Erina. 2250. NSW

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