Small Box Trailer 205 S1 With Tilt (6.5×4 ft)


Steel trailer with 2m long box and 630kg payload capacity. Perfect for transporting tools, garden waste, and other cargo for home landscaping and weekend camping trips. Light tare weight of 120kg makes it easy to maneuver and handle yourself. Fully hot dipped galvanised steel chassis for durability and longevity. Tilt function and opening tailgate for easy loading & unloading.



Product Code

205 S1 Tilt


S-Series, Small Box Trailers

Internal Dimensions (LxWxH)

199x115x34 cm

Total Dimensions (LxWxH)

300x160x84 cm

Tare Weight

120 kg

Total Weight (ATM)

750 kg

Payload Capacity

630 kg

Loading Height

51 cm


13", 2 Wheels


1 Axle, Without Brakes

Opening / Detachable Sides

Back (Tailgate)

Side Material

Electro-Galvanized Steel

Floor Material

Phenolic Plywood 9mm

Lashing Rings

4 Hooks

Tarpaulin Knobs

16 Hooks

Other Included Features

13 or 7 Pin Plug

Tip Type


Back Tip Angle

20 degrees

Optional Extras

Aluminium Flat Hard Top with 10cm Edge, Cage Grill Sides 50cm, Extra Height Opening Steel Sides 30cm, Flat Tarp, Hard Top 45cm, High Tarp with Inside Framing 110cm, Jockey Wheel

Rough Size In Feet

6.5×4 ft

Personal Box Trailer 205 S1 with Tip

More than 400,000 sold trailers are our guarantee of quality, safety and comfort.

This Variant trailer is a small box trailer part of the Light S-Series range of personal trailers.

The Light S-Series range is our most popular trailer series. It is a range of small 1 axle box trailers without brakes. They have a total weight 500 kg or 750 kg, and have steel sides. Wheel mounted on the side of the box. Perfect for holiday, House & Garden.

The popular S series with Tip function provides additional options for loading and unloading goods. All models are available with a wide range of accessories. Good for transporting small machines, wheelbarrows and gardening tools.

Small box trailers in the Light S-Series include: 150 S1, 511 S1, 205 S1,205 with tip, 220 S1, and 220 S1 with tip.

For Specs, see the “Trailer Information ” section above.

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Optional Extras Available With This Model:

Flat tarp and Jockey Wheel $ 109
Flat Trap $ 79
Narrow Jockey Wheel Including Bracket $ 44
Extra Height Opening Steel Sides 30cm $ 351
High Tarp With Inside Framing 105cm $ 329
Plade Cage 50cm $ 395
High Tarp For Plade Cage tile $ 328
Aluminium Flat Hard Top with 10cm Edge $ 1,063
Hardtop 45 cm $ 1,155
Alu door cover on backstop $ 176
Driving lamps 400 kg 200 cm $ 182


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