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Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Variant Closed trailers with doors or ramp for sale. Spacious box. Ideal as an easy to use transport trailer for goods of all sizes from 5.9 cubic meters (5900 Litres), for workshop design and as an exhibition trailer with side hatch. Structural floor base is with a durable and non-slip surface. Most models are with a transparent roof, for clear daylight visability, solid roof available. Side panels are fibreglass face, creating a great solar resistence. Extra optional equipment is offered, including interior lighting, extra door or hatch opening, rear supports, lashing rails, etc. Low tare trailers for max payload. Mechanical overrun braking, auto reverse emergency breakaway cable and VTA approved chains/bracket.

Our enclosed trailers can be manufactured with a side door or sales side hatch for additional accessibility. The best, strongest and lightest closed cargo trailers you will find in Australia!