Flat Tarp

Flat tarp for your Variant Trailer

  • Color: Gray
  • Elastic cord included
  • Including clips
  • Fitted with powerful plastic rings – Spares your trailer for scratches
  • Tarpaulin protects goods against wind and weather

Aluminium Tarp Frame Piece

We recommend purchasing a frame piece with flat tarps.

  • Alu tarpaulin frame piece with a plastic bracket
  • Adjustable
  • Strong
  • Prevents rainwater pooling, and tarp sagging.
  • Extends the life of the tarpaulin
  • Fitted with impact resistant and UV resistant PP

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CodeSuitable for trailer model:Dimension (cm)
90000150S1150 x 100 x 6
90001150S1165 x 122 x 6
90004511S1 Silver200 x 110 x 6
90005205S1 + Tip, 205XL, 503DS1205 x 122 x 6
90006502D2 Goliath, 713A2205 x 130 x 6
90007220S1 + TIP, 220XL220 x 130 x 6
90009713A3, A3-2, 1013S2260 x 130 x 6
90010756A, 1306B, 754F1 TIP, 1004F1 TIP, 1304F1 TIP, 2004F2, 2015T2, 2715T2, 2006B, 2015P2, 13P215 etc.260 x 150 x 6
900112018P2260 x 180 x 6
900122006b-320320 x 170 x 6
900132018P3, 3018P3, 3021P3, 3521P3320 x 180 x 6
903573021P4, 3521P4420 x 210 x 6
903733017TB. 3517TB320 x 17 0x 6
903283519TB370 x 190 x 6



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