Ramp Drawers Under Box

Lockable under load with easy and convenient access.

See more information as optional extras and models that come standard with ramp drawers.

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Available as an optional extra for:

2018 p3
2018 p4
3018 p3
3018 p4

Ramp drawers are already included on the following trailers:

3017 TB
3525 P6
3525 P5
3525 P4
3521 P6
3521 P6
3521 P5
3521 P4
3521 P3
3325 P6
3325 P5
3321 P6
3321 P5
3021 P5
3021 P4
3021 P3
3522 L5
3521 L4
3021 L4
3521 C5
3521 C4
3021 C5
3021 C4

*Please note that ramps are not included and need to be purchased separately.


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