Cargo Trailer B715 C2 2.58×1.48×1.57m

Enclosed box van trailer. 2.6m long inside and 390kg payload capacity, perfect for transporting luggage, bulk materials, business goods. Can be manufactured with side hatch. Hot dipped galvanised steel chassis for durability and longevity.

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Product Code

B715 C2


Closed-Series, Enclosed Trailers

Internal Dimensions (LxWxH)

258x148x157 cm

Total Dimensions (LxWxH)


Rear Opening Dimensions (WxH)

137 x 152 cm

Tare Weight

360 kg

Total Weight (ATM)

750 kg

Payload Capacity

390 kg

Loading Height

51 cm


13", 2 Wheels


1 Axle, With Brakes

Side Material

Phenolic Plywood with Fiberglass Finish 12mm

Floor Material

Phenolic Plywood 15mm

Lashing Rings

6 Hooks

Other Included Features

Jockey Wheel, Rear Doors With Built-In Lock, Translucent Roof

Ramp Angle

18 degrees

Optional Extras

See More Information

Rough Size In Feet

8.5 x 5 FT

Closed Cargo Trailer B715C2

Closed trailers with doors or ramp. Ideal as a moving trailer for the transport of goods, for workshop design and as an exhibition trailer with a side hatch. The floor base is a durable non-slip surface. Extra optional equipment is offered, including interior lighting, extra door or hatch opening, rear supports, lashing rails, etc.

Huge range available: 752 DC2, B715 C2, 1315 C2, 1305 C3, 2517 C3, 1317 C4, 2005 CVB35, 2705 CVB35, 2705 CVB42.

We have even larger “Top Cargo” range, including: 3021 C4, 3021 C5, 3521 C4 and 3521 C5. Also a “Workshop Container” model 2000 MC-XL.

This trailer is similar to the 715 C2 but has brakes & an included jockey wheel.

Optional Extras Available With This Model:

Rear ramp
Ramp rail
Solid veneer roof
Drop stands, 2 pcs.
Extra door in the side
Hatch opening in the side
Inside LED-light 230 V
Inside LED-light 12 V
Lashing rail, 2 pcs.
Crossbar for lashing rails
Aluminium floor
Standard spare wheel with bracket
LED light
Wheel shock absorbers (all wheels)
Foliation on 4 sides (demands ready-print-file)
Additional price for set-up


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